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    Founded by William H. Simonson in 1887, the Simonson Funeral Home has been honored by area families' trust and confidence for well over a century. Today, John Sommese continues to offer families care, attention, and concern.

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    When my mother-in-law, father, mother and most recently, my husband died, I had Mr. John Sommese of The Simonson Funeral Home make my arrangements. Mr. Sommese is a very caring and wonderful person. He made four very difficult times in my life much easier. I would recommend his services to everyone.

    Francine Rash
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    What purpose do these fancy caskets serve?

    Choosing a casket is a very personal decision. To many people, it is important to select a casket made of very durable steel or semi-precious metal. They feel peace of mind knowing the selection they made protects against the outside elements. Often, families will want to select a casket that seems fitting for their…

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